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Furnace Cleaning in Edmonton: Bring on the Heat, Stay Away From the Cold

Before cold weather returns, it is essential to make sure your furnace is clean and operational. Even if it seems like it works fine now, you want to be certain it won’t break down on you when the weather is at its coldest. If your furnace is dirty, there is a chance your heating system will fail to operate at full strength, use up more energy or just break down completely. You can make sure that doesn’t happen with our furnace cleaning in Edmonton.

One of the most difficult parts of cleaning a furnace is the removal of its blower, to properly clean the system. After that, you then have to cut a 10-inch hole in the ductwork on the furnace, followed by connecting a vacuum hose to the hole to properly get rid of any dirt, dust or debris inside of it. This is especially vital for the air conditioning coils inside, which are expensive and must be kept in perfect condition. Sound difficult? Fortunately, at Clean Air Solutions, our trained and experienced team will handle your job in a thorough and efficient manner.

To make sure you receive immediate service, please call or visit us to set an appointment before cold weather arrives, as we are busier during the fall and winter. We will be happy to come over and take a look at your furnace.